UK: Additional security measures after London attack


The United Kingdom has decided to strengthen the security measures of its capital after raising the level of the terrorist alert following the London underground terrorist attack.


The government announced the use of the army to control public buildings, while the police decided to deploy 1,000 additional armed officers on the streets of London.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who had previously stressed that the level of terrorist alert was kept “serious,” said in a new statement that the security services have increased the alert to its highest level which means a terrorist attack is imminent.

She said the army will be deployed in the streets in the coming days, while British media reports that the explosion in the London Underground was claimed by the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” Daech terrorist group.

During the period when the alert is maintained at its highest level, the army will seize the control of certain areas in place of the police, which will in turn be deployed in greater numbers in the streets and in transport network.

” maximum protection by additional security measures should be ensured while the investigation into the attack is progressing,” the prime minister said.

The level of the terrorist alert had already been increased to its highest level after the 22 May attack in Manchester which left 22 dead.

The British police announced that, in addition to the additional number of armed officers who will patrol the streets of London in the next few days, additional checks would also be carried out.

A fire broke out in a subway station at a rush hour after the explosion of a craft. The police described the act as a terrorist attack.

According to the BBC, the explosive device “malfunctioned” . It  “would have killed and mutilated” a large number of people on the train if it had “worked as expected”.

22 people were injured, according to a health official précising that no victim had serious injuries .

The police have yet to reveal any suspects or arrests related to the subway attack following a series of attacks in the UK that resulted in a total of 36 deaths.

N.Houda Chabane





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