Food supplement “RHB” back again in Algeria, for 10 dollars


The food supplement “Rahmet Rabi”, (RHB) briefly marketed in Algeria as a “miracle cure for diabetes” is now offered to Algerians with its new packaging, made in Turkey, and with another name “Afiyet Silca”, ALG 24 website reported on Tuesday.

As reported in previous publications, the charlatan deceived many Algerians and even the Minister of Health, Abdelmalek Boudiaf (on his own admission), Toufik Zaibet, solicited the help of Mohammed Khaer Al-Ghabani, a Lebanese settled in Turkey and accused of fraud and scam by his peers of Arees Universty.

Indeed, on the Facebook page of “International Union of Universities”, an association led by Al-Ghabani, the commercialization in Turkey of the new RHB is announced, affirming that this “miracle remedy” will be available in Algeria after the feast of Eid El Adha.

More seriously, it was observed in the comments that the administrators of this Facebook page propose to send the Algerians this “dietary supplement” at the price of 10 dollars per package of 40 tablets. Thus, persons may understand, that Zaibet and the company want to illegally introduce RHB in Algeria.

It should be noted that this “food supplement” was banned from marketing in Algeria after a lively controversy, calling into question the competence of Toufik Zaibet, who ultimately did not possess any diploma enabling him to manufacture it.




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