Algeria: 2 smugglers arrested in Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam- statement


Two smugglers have been arrested in the provinces of Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam by detachments of National People’s Army (ANP) who also seized two fuel trucks and various gold-washing tools, said the Ministry of National Defense in a statement on Tuesday.

“In the fight against smuggling and organized crime, detachments of the National People’s Army stopped two smugglers in the provinces Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam, and seized two lorries, 19,200 liters Fuel and various gold-mining tools, while another detachment seized two all-road vehicles and 2,800 liters of fuel in the province of Tindouf, “the statement said.

In the provinces of El Oued, Ghardaïa, Biskra and Oran, ANP detachments and elements of the National Gendarmerie have arrested three smugglers, two trucks, and two vehicles, as well as 8649 units of different drinks and 320 kilograms of tobacco “.

On the other hand, elements of the Coast Guard have foiled, in the province of Annaba, an attempt to illegal migration of 12 people aboard a small craft boat, while elements of the National Gendarmerie and Border Guards arrested 37 illegal immigrants of different nationalities in the provinces of Bechar, Adrar and Tlemcen, ” concluded the statement.




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