League 1- Mercato: Over 150 transfers achieved in Algeria


The 16 clubs of the Algerian football league have remained faithful to their recruiting traditions, erasing everything to start from scratch or almost for the new season 2017-2018 with the recording of more than 150 transfers at the expense of stability that remained a vain word.

A large arrival-departure movement marked the summer market, closed on July 31, despite the acute financial crisis that the elite residents, including the SSPA, are in deficit and simply risky, if they continue to spend in this “unthinking” manner.

The transfer market this summer has also broken records, with more than 150 transactions recorded at the level of the Professional Football League (LFP).

A figure reflecting the screaming instability that continues to dominate Algerian football. This is also one of the reasons explaining the average level of the competition, observers say, with rare confrontations that attract the attention of purists.

With the exception of the newly promoted Paradou AC, which has engaged only three elements, all the other boarders of the Algerian elite have made an all-out recruitment which is sometimes based on no strategy or logic.

Algerian clubs such as the NA Hussein-Dey and the US Biskra have seen a big change in their respective teams with more than 15 players, more than half of the number allowed by the LFP on the list of teams.

In spite of the intervention of the football bodies, this policy still has good days ahead, in view of the repeated changes in the number of clubs of the elite during each offseason. An unfortunate habit that is detrimental to both players and their teams.


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