Algeria: Police in Blida reinforced by automatic license plate readers to deal with vehicle theft


The national security services of the province of Blida have recently been reinforced by a new technology consisting of Automatic License Plate Readers (LAPI), whose contribution has been proven in the interception of stolen vehicles in particular, according to the information and press unit of the security corps.

This technology has been installed on board three Blida police vehicles, pending its generalization to other vehicles in the future, the same source said.

Thanks to an infrared camera connected to a computer and two screens placed on the vehicle dashboard, the LAPI allows the reading of the registration of all vehicles moving at its height (day, night).

This system, which can read about 15,000 plates a day, records the plates of all the vehicles passing at its height and systematically proceeds to consult its database making it possible to bring out all the cars sought on a national scale, Give the alert as soon as the plate of a stolen car is detected.

The same source said about 11.376 phone calls received last month by the province security center on the toll-free number 1548 and number 17.

Source: APS



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