Algeria- Aid el-Adha: 45 sheep sales points installed in Constantine


Yacine Ghediri, Director of Agricultural Services, said Wednesday, that 45 regulated sales points have been installed for sale of sheep, across the province of Constantine (east Algeria), in anticipation of the feast of Eid El-Adha, APS reported.

These sites, which have been officially authorized to sell the sheep stock in accordance with a province decree, are generally places where the weekly market is held, said the same official.

The exit of the new town of Ali Mendjeli leading to the commune of Ain Smara, the 4 roads and pilot farms El Baaraouia and Kadri (El Khroub), 7th kilometer and the Chaab R’sas (Constantine) Village of Mihoubi in the commune of Zighoud Youcef, the Belkerfa pilot farms in Ain Smara, Rehal Benboudani in Ibn Ziad, Kehalcha Kebar mechta and the area near Ain Abid communal stadium are among the sites reserved in this province for the sale of the sheep, he added.

This measure was taken, according to the source, to put an end to the anarchy that traditionally characterized this activity in Eid El-Adha.

Moreover, the veterinary inspection under the DSA has put in place a control system involving 40 veterinary doctors, who are responsible for the health checks of the sheep proposed for sale, added Ghediri.

Prevention and awareness campaigns on the dangers of hydatid cysts have also been launched by this team of veterinarians with the collaboration of the municipal hygiene offices, whose mission is to intervene in slaughterhouses, livestock markets and Level of the sites authorized for the sale of the livestock, he pointed out.

In this regard, the Veterinary Inspectorate explains that the objective of this awareness-raising campaign, which is carried out every year in the run-up to the sacrifice festival, is to encourage the consumer to get closer to the authorized sales points, and comply with the instructions in particular with regard to controlled slaughter.



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