Algeria: A week of cultural activities organized in Algiers


The cultural landscape of the past week has been marked by some activities, related to  visual arts, history, archeology and poetry, APS reported.

-Inauguration, last Saturday, at Mohamed Racim art gallery in Algiers, of an exhibition that brings together the works of the painter, Akacha Talbi, celebrating the Algerian woman and culture in watercolor.

– Arrived, on Monday, in the province of Ain Defla, one of the convoys of the Artistic Caravan touring of all the provinces of Algeria, organized by the National Office of Culture and Information (Onci), and the National Office of Copyright and related rights (ONDA), as part of the event “Summer Algeria 2017”.

-The first “Environment and Culture” Festival, organized by the Association “Jlahem écolo-culture” (AJEC), opened Tuesday at the youth hostel of the village Arbi in the commune of Iflissen, daïra de Tigzirt Tizi Ouzou).

Tuesday at the National Museum of the Mujaheddin, a historic conference commemorating of the 62nd anniversary of the battle waged against the French colonial forces on 8 and 10 August 1955 at the place called “Hod-Chica” in El Oued.

– Signature, on Wednesday, in Algiers of an agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and Renewable Energies on the one hand and the High Council for the Arabic language and the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) on the other , for the harmonization of environmental terminology and renewable energies in the Arabic, Amazigh and French languages.

– The fourth National Festival of Amazigh poetry, opened Thursday at Taourirt Bouar village, at the commune of Aït Zikki, in Bouzeguène (Tizi Ouzou).

– A tribute paid by the Matoub-Lounes Foundation, in collaboration with the local cultural associations, to Lounès Matoub, Mouloud Féraoun, Amar Imache and Rachid Aliche on the cultural scene and the Algerian national movement in the region of Ath Douala Tizi Ouzou).

– Pottery and ceramics objects and coins discovered by a team of archaeologists from the University of Algiers 2, on the historic site of Taza Fort, Bordj-Emir-Abdelkader in the commune of Tissemsilt.

N. Houda. Chabane



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