Nigeria: Over 33 people killed in clashes between farmers, cattle breeders in the north


At least 33 people have killed in clashes between cattle breeders and Kaduna’s farmers, in northern Nigeria, a police official told AFP on Thursday.

The unrest two-day began, on Sunday, in the village of Kajuru, 50 kilometers from the town of Kaduna.

“A total of 33 people were killed in the violence between Fulani herders and farmers,” said Chief of Police of Kaduna, Agyole Abeh.

“The violence began when villagers attacked a young Peul and his father, causing the death of the young man after he was admitted to the hospital,” he said.

The victim’s relatives then launched retaliation against the village from their neighboring camps, killing six men, he added.

In response, the young people of the agricultural communities “mobilized and went to the bush to attack and burn the Fulani encampments they found.”

“Our men were contacted, but before they could deploy, the attackers killed 26 people, mostly women and children, and injured several others.”

Security forces have since been deployed in the area to maintain order.

Nigerian interim president, Yemi Osinbajo, called for reinforcements in Kaduna village and deplored these “unnecessary deaths” in a statement, issued Wednesday night.


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