Council of Arab Information Ministers pays tribute to Mujahid, voice of Algerian revolution Aïssa Messaoudi

Council of Arab Information Ministers pays tribute to Mujahid, voice of Algerian revolution Aïssa Messaoudi
The Council of Arab Information Ministers, meeting in its 48th ordinary session at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, paid a posthumous tribute to the Mujahid, journalist and voice of the Algerian Revolution, Aïssa Messaoudi, by awarding him the Prize of the Arabic journalistic distinction in the field of radio, APS reported.

The award was presented, at the opening session, to the Algerian Ambassador in Cairo and his Permanent Delegate to the Arab League, Nadir Larbaoui, by the current President, Mehdi Ben Gharbia.

The Council also paid tribute to media organizations and Arab media personalities, such as the radio station “Sawt Al-Arab” and “Voice of Palestine”.

The Arab Information Ministers also welcomed the international workshop on “The role of national reconciliation in preventing and combating violent extremism and terrorism” organized by Algeria on 10 and 11 July.

The 48th ordinary session of the council was sanctioned by decisions highlighting the importance of solidarity between the Arab States in the face of terrorism as well as  the continuation of efforts and coordination regionally and internationally to eradicate it.

The Council also adopted the report and recommendations of the 17th meeting of the Arab Experts Group on the role of the Arab media in the fight against terrorism, emphasizing the coordination among the different media  against terrorism and extremism.






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