Algeria: “Mostaland” leisure, amusement park inaugurated in Mostaganem


“Mostaland” leisure and amusement park, located in the region of Kharrouba, east of the province of Mostaganem (west Algeria), has been inaugurated on Thursday evening, in parallel with the opening of the 50th edition of the National Festival of Amateur Theater, APS reported on Friday.

In the presence of the local authorities, the governor of Mostaganem, Abdelwahid Temmar, presided over the opening ceremony of the “Mostaland” park, marked by a carnival and a procession attended by 700 people between clowns, children, actors, associations and theatrical cooperatives, folklore and fantasia.

This entertainment venue is including a zoo, playgrounds, 12-a-side water basin, ice skating track, three restaurants, a hotel, water games, swimming pool, commercial premises, cafeterias and a parking with a capacity of 5,000 vehicles.

The zoo has 80 cages for wild animals, a water park, an aquarium, another for fish, a musical water jet, cages and water bodies for birds, reptiles and a nursery, as well as additional annexes are available, including a medical laboratory, a civil defense station and others.

The realization of this park required an investment of DA 200 million. The project will give the province of Mostaganem a status of ecological, tourist and economic pole of the west of the country. 500 permanent jobs are available in this project to provide visitors needs.



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