US activist advises companies not to insure Russian ambassador’s life

US activist advises companies not to insure Russian ambassador’s life

An odd tweet from an American LGBT and women’s rights activist  warned Russian insurance companies not to cover the life of Russia’s US ambassador, RT reported.

On the other hand,  the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry responded to this tweet as in a Facebook post, Maria Zakharova said the tweet showed “the intensity of Russophobia that has overwhelmed the United States.”

“I do not even hope that Amy will ever learn about who Sergey Kislyak is and how much he personally has done to save Russian-American relations when the Obama administration announced its isolation crusade against Russia,” the spokeswoman noted.

“But I very much hope that Amy will never learn what the American diplomats were doing, for example, in a number of countries in Latin America, the Middle East, and, of course, in Ukraine,” Zakharova fired back, adding, “otherwise, it can provoke a crisis of the American insurance system.”

The activist, Amy Siskind, who posted the tweet on Saturday, appears to be suggesting that Kislyak’s life could be in danger once he returns to Russia after his tenure.
As ambassador to the US, Kislyak became the subject of allegations in the mainstream media claiming that Russia had played a role in securing Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections.











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