Russian Film Week in Algiers: “The Ghost” closes the event


The Ghost (Le Fantôme), a science fiction comedy by Russian Director, Alexander Voitinski, was screened, on Saturday, at “Cinematheque D’alger” in Algiers, at the end of the Russian Film Week in Algiers, APS reported on Sunday. 

Released in 2015, the movie told the story of “Yuri Gordeev”, an inventor convinced that his latest creation the “YUG-1” will revolutionize civil aviation.

Victim of a traffic accident, Yuri became a ghost, and Vania, a young high school student, is the only one able to see him and help him complete his invention.

This was the first Russian film to use “Dolby Atmos” Surround sound reproduction technology, which is the result of Hollywood comedy with a big budget combining comedy, action and romantic scenes.

The film has been screened in front of a small audience, like other films in the framework of this event, and in the absence of its director as well as the main actors, the film has been presented without dubbing in Arabic or French.

Co-organized by the Algerian and Russian Ministries of Culture, the Russian Film Week in Algiers saw the screening of several movies, including The Battle for Sevastopol, The Battalion, The Guy from our Cemetery and Norveg.

The demonstration also took place in Oran, the capital of western Algeria.

The Algerian public was able to see the works, planned at the beginning of the activity graciously, but on the fourth day, the Cinémathèque d’Alger officials imposed ticket access. A move that caused many film enthusiasts to ignore this event.



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