IRNA Agency: Opening Algeria office, new approach to cover North Africa

IRNA Agency: Opening Algeria office, new approach to cover North Africa

Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Mohammad Khoddadi told, on Monday, the visiting Algerian media delegation that re-opening IRNA office in Algeria is new approach of the agency to cover North Africa developments, IRNA reported.


The official pointed out that  media should be ready for prompt changes, developments, adding that a new world has been created in complicated media arena.

In this aspect, Khoddadi underlined necessity for close relations and constant cooperation between media of Iran and Algeria, especially news agencies of the two countries.

He pointed to re-opening IRNA’s office in Algiers, and said that covering news, reflecting developments and progresses of the two countries are among the main responsibilities of media.

Khoddadi said ”we must try to break media and news monopoly in the region and world and to get nations acquainted with the realities of developments in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and North Africa and crisis in relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, process to fight against terrorism, resistance approach and moves of its opponents, especially the US and the Zionist regime.”

On the other hand, Managing Director of ‘Al-Khabar” newspaper Kamal Jouzi and Managing Director of “Al-Khabar “TV network Ali Jari were members of the visiting delegation.

Jouzi welcomed re-opening of IRNA’s office in Algeria and ushering in good cooperation between the two media for strengthening and expanding Iran-Algeria relations and confirmed evaluation of IRNA’s managing director concerning trends of developments in dissemination of news in the region and the world and underlined necessity to break news monopoly.

Ali Jari, for his part, pointed to wrong and incorrect images made by a number of foreign media about Iran, and said that during this visit, he got acquainted with realities in Iran.












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