Anti- Terrorism: President Bouteflika pays tribute to ANP, other security services


In a message to the nation on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the National Day of Independence in Algeria, the President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has paid a respected tribute to the National People’s Army (ANP), which succeeded in “gaining the upper hand”, with the assistance of the various security services, on the latest terrorist groups, that are rampant across the country.

Regarding the preservation of the integrity of our territory and the security of our citizens and their property, Iiwish on behalf of all of you to pay a sincere tribute to the National People’s Army, worthy heiress of the Army for the courage, professionalism, and sense of sacrifice, by which it succeeded in gaining the upper hand, over the last terrorist groups in our vast country, with the help of the various security services, ” stressed President Bouteflika in his message.

The president has also praised efforts and effectiveness of Algeria’s armed forces and security services, widely deployed along our borders, to preserve integrity of the territory from any attempts of criminal infiltration, of any kind whatsoever, a vigilance that accompanies efforts of Algeria’s diplomacy to hasten the restoration of peace, unity and reconciliation in Mali and Libya, brothers and neighbors.


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