Al-Qaeda releases video of six foreign hostages in Mali



Al-Qaida group in Mali has released a video of six foreign hostages, announced SITE, an American center specializing in online surveillance of the jihadist movement, AFP reported on Sunday.

The 16-minute and 50-second video, undated, has been published, on Saturday, via the Telegram on Internet by the “Support Group for Islam and Muslims”, a jihadist organization.

The four other hostages are the South African, Stephen McGown, abducted by al-Qaeda in northern Mali in November 2011, the Romanian Iulian Ghergut, abducted in April 2015 in Burkina Faso, the Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockly, kidnapped in January 2016 by the jihadist al-Qaeda group in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the religious Colombian, Gloria Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, abducted in February 2017 in Mali.

The hostages were separately presented in the video by a man who indicated that there have been no negotiations so far for their release.

At the end of the video, and without making any demands, the man assured the families of the hostages that “no real negotiation has begun” for their release, while affirming that discussions are “always active”.

South Africa’s Stephen McGown, the first to appear in the video, said: “Now we make a new video, but I do not know what to say. Everything has been said in the past. Everything has been said in the previous videos I made, “according to the SITE transcript.

Regarding Sophie Petronin, it’s clear that she hoped that French President, Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Mali, on Saturday night, to support the fight against the jihadist groups, will help him tp back to his family, according to SITE.

Northern Mali had fallen in March-April 2012 under the guise of jihadist groups linked to al-Qaeda.

But whole areas are being beyond the control of Malian and foreign forces, regularly targeted by murderous attacks despite the signing in May-June 2015 of a peace agreement, supposed to isolate the jihadists definitively.


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