Algeria: 1,500 foreign tourists welcomed in Adrar, during the last season


A flow of 1,500 foreign tourists has been registered in the province of Adrar (south Algeria), during the last tourist season (November-May), Maghreb Emergent said on Wednesday, citing the Local Tourism and Handicraft Management.

However, this number of tourists is still below expectations of the concerned services, compared with previous seasons, due to various factors related in particular to the material difficulties, caused by the global financial crisis, estimated the same source.

Nevertheless, there has been a boost in domestic tourism, with more than 25,000 national tourists arriving in the province of Adrarn during the past season, up 10% from previous seasons.

The province of Adrar has important tourist potential predisposing it to be a tourist destination of choice, with its innumerable attires consisting of archaeological sites, natural sites and ancient traditions, constituting a secular cultural and social legacy.

National and local events have been celebrated in the province of Adrar, in a style specific to the region, such as celebration of the Mawlid Ennabaoui and the Sboue in Timimoune and Zaouiet-Kounta, the festival of Achoura in Tamentit, Maoussem The patron saint Sidi Moulay Abdallah Reggani, and the cultural festival of Ahellil.

This, in addition to the flow of tourists, came during the winter and spring school holidays, the festival of dromedary and commemoration of the death of Sheikh “Sidi Mohamed Belkebir”.

In order to strengthen the accommodation capacity and accommodate visitors under better conditions, the province of Adrar recorded the ongoing realization of 78 projects in the sector, through its various regions, including hotel structures, camp sites and recreation areas, according to Local Tourism and Handicraft Management.

These efforts culminated in the recent opening in Adrar and Timimoune of two new hotels with a total capacity of 85 beds, pending the entry into service of other structures at the beginning of the next tourist season.

Three new tourism and travel agencies have just been approved to start their activities, and to contribute to promotion of the tourist destination of the province of Adrar, clarified the Local Tourism and Handicraft Management



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