Mali: At least 2 people killed, after Gunmen attack a tourist resort


At least two people have been killed, on Sunday evening, after gunmen stormed a Western-friendly Mali resort, located outside the nation’s capital Bamako, Malian authorities said.

Gunfire has been heard and smoke could be seen in “Campement Kangaba” in Dougourakoro, a luxury resort popular with Western tourists on the weekends, according to Diakate Benson, a spokesman for the Malian President of the National Assembly, CNBC reported.

French and Malian troops responded to the attack that killed at least two people, according to Security Ministry spokesman Baba Cisse. One was identified as French-Gabonese, and the other’s nationality has not been confirmed yet.

According to the security ministry, “one of the terrorists was able to escape, after being injured”. He left behind a machine gun and bottles filled with “explosive substances”, BBC reported.

A security ministry spokesman told Reuters that 32 guests had been rescued from the resort.

Mali’s government said it suspects jihadists are behind this attack.

Security forces have surrounded the area, and investigations are underway.


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