Algeria: 7 individuals arrested in possession of American weapons in tizi-ouzou


Seven people, from 19 to 60 years old, have been arrested in the region of Azeffoun, the province of Tizi-Ouzou, according to a statement issued by the province’s services.

The seven persons, originally from Azazga and Mekla, have been arrested over “selling narcotics and possession of firearms without authorization”.

Among the weapons found on the defendants, “a handgun (made in the US) caliber 11.43 mm, with 5 cartridges, a hunting gun of 16 mm caliber, a harpoon gun, 2 stuffing cartridges and 4 Cartridges “.

“Presented to the Azazga prosecutor’s office during the past week, four were placed in Preventive Detention for various grievances, namely: narcotics selling, defensive weapons of war and ammunition of 4th category, possession of narcotics for selling purposes, and death threats, while the other three were released, “the statement said.

Source: ALG24


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