Jacob Zuma: “liberating Africa hasn’t been complete yet while the Saharan people still aspire to their freedom”


South African President Jacob Zuma said that Africa’s liberation mission hasn’t been yet completed as long as the Saharan people still aspire to freedom and self-determination as other nations did in the rest of the continent.

This came during a speech by Mr. Jacob Zuma on Thursday at the presidential palace in South Africa on the occasion of Africa Day in the presence of hundreds of guests and members of the diplomatic corps.

In his speech, President Zuma stressed that everything should be done so that the Sahrawi people can obtain their rights and restore their freedom.

He said that 2017 was the year of Oliver Tambo to emphasize South Africa’s commitments to the African continent. Recalling the historic declaration of Kwame Nkrumah, who said Ghana’s independence makes sense only if it was linked to the continent’s total liberation.


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