Abou Assim al-Djazeri, an Algerian among 3 killed in Syria and Iraq- statement


Three leaders of the Islamic State (IS) group, including an Algerian, have been killed in the last two months in strikes by the international coalition in Iraq and Syria, the coalition said in a statement issued on Friday by the Pentagon, Reuters reported.

Abou Assim al-Djazeri, a manager of the jihadist organization having the Algerian nationality, has been  killed in Mayadin on 11 May, added the source.

The same document unveiled the two other names as follows:

Moustapha Gunes, an IS agent in Turkey, was killed on April 27 in an air strikes in Mayadin, eastern Syria.

Abu Khattab al Raoui, a military leader of IS, was hit on May 18 in al-Kaim, a town in northwest Iraq located on the Syrian border.


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