Fictitious Aggression: Algerian delegation’s Head Haneche condemns the “repugnant” scene

Fictitious Aggression: Haneche condemns the "repugnant" scene

The Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mohamed Haneche, assured Wednesday in Algiers that the alleged aggression of a member of the Moroccan delegation at a meeting of the Committee of 24 on decolonization, held recently in Kingstown (Caribbean) is a “grotesque” and “rude” staging, APS reported.

In response to this alleged aggression reported by the Moroccan press, Haneche said the disgusting incident was a “grotesque” and “rude” staging by the head of the Moroccan delegation.

Mr Haneche, who was leading the Algerian delegation to the meeting, explained that the Moroccan diplomat tried first to provoke Mr Sofiane Mimouni in an unworthy way before embarking on a hysterical crisis “to claim later that” there was an act of aggression committed by an Algerian diplomat “.

“It was indeed an aggression perpetrated by a Moroccan diplomat against the Algerian ambassador Sofiane Mimouni in full view of everyone and all the participants,” Haneche said, recalling that ” It is not the traditions and customs of Algerian diplomats to turn into boxers, contrary to what the Moroccan press told. ”

In this aspect, the Algerian ambassador assured that Mr. Mimouni’s behavior “of extreme responsibility and restraint” was observed by everyone and that he did not use force or violence .

“There has been a marked aggression against an Algerian diplomat who has acted with great reserve and restraint.”

After the incident, Haneche revealed that “the chairman of the meeting took note of this attitude and that many delegations have come to show their sympathy to the Algerian delegation and express their deep disapproval of this unspeakable act of the Moroccan diplomat” .

“It is the first time in my long career as a diplomat that I attend this kind of event, it is embarrassing, it is unspeakable ” , the official  regretted.

In the same vein, Mr Haneche recalled that in 2016 the Moroccan delegation behaved in a scandalous manner at the UN meetings on Western Sahara.











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