Terrorist eliminated in Skikda Identified- Statement.


The Terrorist eliminated in the province of Skikda, on May 19th , has been identified as “L. Abdelkrim” also nicknamed “Mouadh” by a detachment of National People ‘s Army , says a statement of the Defense Ministry.

As part of the fight against terrorism, the terrorist was shot dead in a tense ambush on May 19th  2017 by a detachment of the ANP near the city of Collo, Skikda, the source recalled.

Moreover, detachments of the ANP discovered and destroyed in the provinces of Bouira and Boumerdes, 73 caches for terrorists and three home-made mines, according to the statement.

Besides, a detachment of the ANP in coordination with the elements of the Gendarmerie Nationale arrested in the province of Tlemcen, four drug traffickers and seized 28 kilograms of hashisg, three  vehicles; while in the province of El-Oued, a detachment of ANP arrested two smugglers and seized a truck, (441100) units of pharmaceutical products, Pyrotechnic products and (7500) computer storage units, added the document.

Also in the provinces of Bordj Badji Mokhtar and In Guezzam, ANP detachments seized two trucks, four all-terrain vehicles, (25,435) tons of foodstuffs, 1,600 liters of fuel, 2400 Units of detergent products and gold panning tools; while in the province of Tindouf, a detachment of the ANP arrested eight gold miners and seized an all-terrain vehicle, gold panning tools and satellite communication means, according to the statement.

Furthermore, 35 migrants of different nationalities have been apprehended in the provinces of  Tamanrasset, Laghouat, Tlemcen and Bechar, concluded the document.


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