Islamic Solidarity Games 2017: Algeria defeated by Azerbaijan (1-3)



Algeria’s males have lost the Hand ball match against  Azerbaijan, in the semi- final of the Islamic Solidarity games (1-3 seats), as follows (28-25 / 26 -21 / 20-25 / 25-21), held in the capital Baku, Radio Algerie reported on Sunday.

Iran has been also qualified to the final, after winning against Turkey (18-25 / 25-23 / 21-25 / 25-20 / 21-18).

Thus, the Final round will be held between Azerbaijan and Iran, on Sunday in Cristal Hall at 16h: 30 (local time) in Baku, while Algeria is facing Turkey for the Bronze medal, at 14h pm (local time).

After the defeat, the coach of Algerian team, Mouloud Ekhji said “I thank the team for what they did. The first half had a great impact on the morale of the players. The Azerbaijani player Habda Milos also confused us”.
“Our players were able to advance in the third half, but the result was not for their benefit at the rest of the game.
“The Azerbaijan team deserves qualification and I hope to win the bronze medal against Turkey”.





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