ANAM: Allocation of 18 mining sites for more than 263 million DA

ANAM: Allocation of 18 mining sites for more than 263 million DA

The National Mining Operations Agency (ANAM) allocated  eighteen (18) mining sites on Wednesday out of a total of 22 auction sites, for a total amount of 263.5 million DA, APS reported.

These mining sites  were allocated at the end of the 46th auction session of the small and medium- mines whose national and international tender was launched last April.

This resulted in the opening of 35 pleats, five of which were rejected for non-compliance with the requirements for opening bids (non-compliance with status, checks or documents) .

Out of the 22 proposed sites (limestone, sand, clay, tuff), four (4) did not receive any tender, as the tenderers were particularly interested in limestone and sand mines.
The 18 allocated mining sites are related to seven (7) limestone sites in the provinces of Illizi (4 sites), M’sila (1) , Tamanrasset (2), seven (7) Chlef (2), Mostaganem (2), Tebessa (1), Tiaret (1) and Mascara (1), two tufa sites at Ouargla and El Oued and two (2) granite sites at Tamanrasset and Illizi.

The biggest financial offer reached 51 million DA for a limestone deposit in Tamanrasset, while the lowest offer was of 1.01 million DA for a deposit of tuff in Ouargla.

This call for tenders has covered 10 limestone sites for the production of aggregates and crushed sand, 7 sand sites for construction, 2 tufts for public works, 2 granite sites for the production of decorative stone and one (1) clay site for the production of red products.

These sites spread over 12 provinces: Illizi (7 sites), Tamanrasset (3), Chlef (2), Mostaganem (2), M’sila (1), Batna (1), Ghardaia (1), Tebessa ), Tiaret (1), El Oued (1) and Ouargla (1).

As for the other four sites that have not received offers, namely: 3 limestone sites (Batna, Ghardaïa and Illizi) and one (1) clay site (Illizi), they will be included in the forthcoming auctions , told the press, the president of the executive committee of ANAM, Hacène Hariati.

According to him, ANAM intends to organize two other auctions during the second half of 2017: one should be for large mines such as gold and precious metals, while the second will be dedicated to materials currently imported by Algeria, such as marble, granite or bauxite.

“We are in the process of identifying the materials and sites to launch these two bidding processes through which we intend to reduce the invoice for importing several materials and we are awaiting the agreement of the governors concerning certain sites, “Hariati said.


















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