Tabah Foundation Study: 5% of Algerians support extremism movement


Five percent of Algerian people and three percents of Omanis have considered the ISIS’ extremism as a correct movement, whereas their actions are wrong, according to Tabah Foundation Study, the National website reported on Tuesday.

In this regard, scholars said “the governments must better educate young Arabs about religion and extremism”, after a major study found a significant level of support for the theology, but not actions of radical groups.

A poll of 7,000 young people from 10 Arab countries found that about one in 10 said the “beliefs and ideas” of groups such as ISIS were correct, but their actions were wrong.

The majority said such groups were “misguided and tarnish the image of Islam”.

“These numbers are horrifying,” said Al Habib Ali Al Jifri, a renowned Muslim scholar and chief executive of Tabah Foundation, the Abu Dhabi think tank that spurs discussion and teaching of moderate Islam.

“We should not take it easy. There are 1 to 6 per cent who support ISIS. This means we have potential suicide bombers. So, fire-fighting measures to counter this should be taken”, he added.

The 10 countries chosen for the Tabah Futures Initiative study this year did not include the UAE, but covered a cross-section from both of the Middle East and North African countries.

Oman has had the highest rate of those aged 15 to 33 (20 per cent) who believed that extremist movements were right but their actions were wrong, followed by Lebanon with 14 per cent.









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