Iran’s Presidential Election: 70% of electorate expected to vote-Poll


A poll conducted by the Research Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) showed that some 70.6 percent of the Iranians eligible to vote in Iran’s upcoming presidential.

Some 63.5 percent of respondents “will participate” in the presidential election scheduled for May 19 and another 7.1 percent “will probably participate”, the poll finds.

The poll was conducted on over 38,000 people in the capital, Tehran, provincial capitals, besides two populated cities and 10 villages from every one of Iran’s provinces during the period from Sunday to Tuesday (April 30-May 2).

On the other hand, around 23.6 percent of the respondents said they “will not participate” in the presidential election; whereas 1.2 percent said they “will probably not participate;” and 4.6 percent said they were yet to make up their minds whether to vote or not, according to the same source.


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