FIFA: Kuwaiti Al Sabah resigns due to corruption


Sheikh Kuwaiti Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah, an influential member of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has announced, on Sunday, his resignation from FIFA Council, to defend himself in a corruption case.

Sheikh Al-Sabah, “in the interest” of FIFA and Asian Football Confederation (AFC), has decided to resign from the Council of FIFA, the world football government for which he intended to seek a new mandate, as well as his mandate within the AFC, he told AFP in a statement .

Al-Sabah is being blamed for allegedly illegal payment to Richard Lai, president of the Guam Federation, who pleaded guilty for a federal New York judge in charges of bribery and concealment of bank accounts abroad.

Sheikh Al-Sabah “vigorously denies any wrongdoing” and will collaborate with “the competent authorities” to “refute these surprising accusations”, AFP reported.


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