Electricity supply to be suspended in the regions of Ouled Chebel, Birtouta


The electrical power supply will be suspended, Monday, from midnight to 9:00 am (local times) in several regions in the provinces of Ouled Chebel and Birtouta (Algiers), because of work on the high voltage line in both municipalities, said Thursday, the Direction of distribution of electricity and gas of Gue of Constantine in a statement.

The localities of Ouled Chebel and Birtouta, concerned by this suspension are the following:

The city of 193 housing and the city of 2160 housing Sidi M’Hamed, Lot 63 Birtouta, the city 871 housing El Kahla, Benchaoucha (in part), Bouhadja 2 and 4, Chaibia, the city 1194 homes Sidi Lakhdar, the city 3216 homes Chaibia, the city 40 homes in Baba Ali, Baba Ali, the Zouines, Coop Harira, El Kahla, Ennakhil, Farm Velio, Birtouta Station, Haouch Boucher, Haouch Bourayou, Haouch Feliou, Haouch Filou Bouhadja, Haouch Touati, Haouch Biriki, Haouch Chenoufi, Lot El Annabet, M’Hamdia, M’Hamdia Terro, Ouled Rahmane, Sidi Lakhdar and Sidi M’Hamed, added the same source.

The work is in anticipation of high demand for electric power, during the summer season, to improve the quality and continuity of the service, the same source concluded.


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