Army discovers 13 caches of terrorists, containing 93 home-made bombs- statement


After several operations, the detachments the National People’s Army have discovered, in Tbessa province, on April 25th and 26th, 13 terrorists’ caches, containing 93 home-made bombs, 40 of which were ready to be used , explosive materials, explosive devices and a quantity of food, as well as clothing and mattresses, National Defense Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

In the context of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, National Gendarmerie seized 100 Pistols, while National People’s Army has arrested 2 drug traffickers and seized 59 kilograms of treated hashish in the provinces of Sidi Bel Abbes and Mostaganem.

On the other hand, in the provinces of Tamanrasset, Baji Mukhtar and Ain Qazam, detachments of the National People’s Army have arrested 11 smugglers, and seized a truck, 365 tons of food and 3280 liters of fuel, while 37 illegal immigrants from different nationalities have been arrested in Ghardaia, Tamanrasset, Tlemcen and Adrar.


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