Legislative Elections: Monitoring elections by justice guarantees credibility- justice Minister

Monitoring elections by justice guarantees credibility- justice Minister

Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh said Monday, in Mascara, speaking before magistrates and lawyers, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters of Tighennif Court that the monitoring of the elections of 4 May 2017 is a “guarantee of their credibility and integrity.”


Tayeb Louh also underlined that the role of justice to monitor the next legislative elections, both within the High Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE) and through other levels of representation, is a “guarantee of the credibility and smooth running” of these elections.

In the same regard he considered that the next legislative elections have a great importance for the country as they are the first elections to be organized in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, amended in March 2016. It offers guarantees for the democratic exercise in Algeria, advocates deep reforms ensuring the country’s stability and guarantees the citizens’ rights as part of a strong, respectful, fair and stable State.

Moreover, the same official explained that the success of this electoral meeting will reflect the democratic evolution in Algeria and strengthen the country’s immunity against any attempt to undermine its security, stability and unity for which millions of Algerians had scarified their lives.

Source: APS


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