Messahel Tour: All Libyans belief in dialogue to steer crisis out


Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, welcomed, the belief of all the Libyan parties in the need for dialogue to find a solution to the crisis, APS reported.

Messahel highlighted, during a news conference, held on Friday in Tripoli, with first vice president of the Presidential Council of Libya’s Government of National Accord, Ahmed Omar Maitiq, at the end of his Libya tour, that all the parties, he met with, have expressed their readiness for dialogue so as to steer the Libyan crisis out.

The minister said that the only way to nip the Libyan crisis from the bud is dialogue and national reconciliation.

“The Libyans themselves must find a solution to the crisis as part of the Inter-Libyan dialogue, free of any foreign interference,” pointed out the official.

Messahel also announced that another tour is planned in the Libyan South, in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, Maitiq has praised  the good and long-standing  relations between Algeria  and Libya, stressing on the need to steer the crisis out through dialogue and national consensus.

It is worth bearing in mind that Messahel, heading an important delegation, conducted a three-day tour in Libya.

The official has  paid a visit Al-Bayda and Benghazi (East of the country) and Zintan, Tripoli and Misrata (west), holding discussions with political and military figures, representatives of the civil society and youth in Libya’s Benghazi and Misrata.




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