Algeria to install UNESCO Center for Protection of African Heritage

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Algeria has been elected to host the headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the protection of African heritage, said Thursday in Adrar, Minister of Culture, Azzeddine Mihoubi, APS reported.

Speaking at the opening of an international colloquium on “the protection of  African intangible heritage”, Mihoubi affirmed that the localization of this organization in Algeria, of which the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, signed the decree d Approval of its Creation, “acts in recognition of the efforts made by Algeria for the conservation of its heritage and the support of other African countries in the field”, the same source added.

According to Azzeddine Mihoubi, “Algeria is continuing its intense efforts to classify any Algerian or common heritage, new files of which have been filed at UNESCO level, such as the + Keyal El-Ma + Water), or responsible for the traditional sharing of water from the foggaras to the beneficiaries, the song Raï, the distillation of rose water and traditional jewelery.

In the same regard, “Maghreb heritage files, like the couscous dish, will also be prepared with the countries concerned, in addition to other Arab files,” the minister said, adding that a meeting will be held “next week” at Khartoum, Sudan, to discuss the palm issue, as a common Arab heritage, at meetings of the Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ALESCO).

Adrar is a “land of heritage in Algeria”, in the sense that it brings together different cultures, and all that is tangible and intangible human bequest, making it the “most attached and proudest region of its heritage” .

Furthermore, Azzedine Mihoubi also called for the necessary revision and updating of the Cultural Heritage Act, which was promulgated two decades ago by strengthening it with new mechanisms and ideas. ”

Algeria, he argued, “has become, thanks to the civilizations which have succeeded one another on its soil, an open-air museum for the various components of cultural heritage, which has prompted the State to consolidate its mission In safeguarding these cultural achievements ”

Among the themes discussed at the one-day symposium were the situation of t musical heritage in Sultanate of Oman,  ancient ingenious modes of mountain farming and the inventory of cultural heritage in certain regions of the country.


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