United Airlines: United CEO says removed passenger was ‘disruptive and belligerent’


In a letter to employees obtained by US media, United Airlines’ CEO, Oscar Munoz said he was “upset to see and hear about what happened” following the muscular disembarkation of a passenger to allow employees of the United Airlines to have a seat!, BBC reported.

But he said that the passenger had been “disruptive and belligerent”.

“Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this,” the Associated Press quoted the email as saying.

“While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

Mr Munoz wrote that the passenger refused to voluntarily leave the plane, with staff “left with no choice but to call Chicago Aviation Security Officers to assist in removing the customer from the flight”.


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