Russian planes to survey America and Canada skies next week


The head of Russia’s National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, Sergey Ryzhkov , announced that the Russian mission will carry out an observation flight over America and Canada next week under the “open skies” agreement, Sputnik reported.

As part of the implementation of the Open Skies Agreement, a Russian group of inspectors is planning to conduct airborne surveillance flights aboard the Russian Tu-154LM-1 plane over the territory of Canada and the United States, the same source added.

The head of Russia’s National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction said that the US mission will carry out a surveillance flight over Russia from 10 to 14 April under the “open skies” agreement.

The Open Sky Convention was adopted in 1992 in the Finnish capital of Helsinki by 27 OSCE member states.

Furthermore, The agreement aims to promote mutual understanding and trust. The agreement includes 34 countries and was signed by Russia on May 26, 2001.




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