Algeria-EU twinning to boost industrial innovation in Algeria


An institutional twinning between Algeria and a European consortium (France-Spain -Finland) has been officially launched on Tuesday in Algiers to help the Industry and Mines Ministry in its industrial innovation strategy, APS reported.

The European consortium is composed of French ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Spanish ministry of the Economy and Industry, and the Finish Ministry of Employment and Economy.

The 24- month twinning programme aims at boosting the national system of innovation and contributing to enhancing its good governance and its policies.

With a €1.45 million funding provided by the EU as part of the P3A programme, the twinning meets the goals of the economic reforms engaged in order to diversify the national economy and create conditions conducive to a rapid and sustainable industrial development.

Moreover, the twinning programme will allow the implementation of an integrated computer system on the innovation, in line with the international standards by developing tools of data gathering and processing.

Also, Algeria will partner with the EU in a new regional initiative on reinforcing innovative ecosystems in the Mediterranean.



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