“Fatima”tops the newborn names in Finland


The news on a Finnish news site surprised the people of Finland, Alsumaria reported.

According to the report, the Arabic language was ranked third among the most popular foreign languages ​​in Finland after the Russian and Estonian ones, indicating that the number of Arabic speakers in Finland, which is a small country, was 22000 people, the same source added.

The news quickly became the most readable in Finland, pointing out that the name “Fatima” tops the list of names of newborns in Finland.

In the same regard, more than 30.000 migrants from the Middle East and Africa came to Finland in 2016, while the number of refugees coming from the same region was only 4.000 people two years ago.

The newspaper “Rossiyskaya gazeta” said that Finland is putting more restrictions on immigration, seeking to reduce the number of refugees.



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