Daily weather forecast bulletin: March, 29, 2017


Spring spell invading all Algeria.

Rain will be witnessed in Eastern regions, Oasis and East Sahara, but the sun is promising to brighten in the afternoon, whereas a glorious sunny day will hit all the remaining parts of the country.

As for temperature, warmth spell still hitting Algeria. Algiers, Boumerdes and Blida 20°. Oran and Mostaganem 24°. Tlemcen 25°. Setif, Constantine, Khenchela and Batna 16°. Tizi-Ouzou and Al-Bayadh 18°.

In the South, temperature will rise up to 38° in In Guezzam and Bordj Badji Mokhtar. 33° in Illizi and Djanet. 32° in Tindouf and Adrar. 31° in In Salah.

For those interested in fishing, wind will prevail all the day, with gusting from different directions in Northern and Western coasts, from Northwesterly in Eastern coasts; ranging at 10 to 20 km/h in Northern and Western coasts and at 20 to 40 km/h in Eastern coasts.

Wave run-up will range at 0.5/1 meter in Northern and Western coasts and 1 meter in Eastern coasts.

Sunset will be at 19:07.

Source: National Office of Meteorology.



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