Scottish lawmakers to hold independence vote on Brexit’s eve


At a Brexit day, UK could be amputated from Scotland which is holding a referendum on independence on Tuesday.

Actually, Scottish deputies are expected to give their green light, Tuesday, March 28 to a new referendum of independence in Scotland, likely to separate it from UK, said AFP.
The regional parliament, consisting of an independence majority from Scottish national party “SNP”, should have ruled on the matter, last Wednesday, but Westminster attack in London allowed the vote to be postponed, which coincided with Brexit eve, emphasizing the symbolic side of these two historical events.
This desire to break with the rest of UK is strongly linked to Brexit formalization, which was approved by 52% of the British people, but rejected by 62% of the Scots, prompting Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to organize a new referendum of self-determination, three years after the one lost by separatists in 2014.


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