ISIS threatens Iran via video in Persian language


For the first time, the terrorist organization Daesh has threatened to attack Iran via a Persian video, announcing the formation of a military force to target Iranian institutions, Neo’s Place reported.

According to Iranian media, the organization broadcast a 36-minute video entitled “Persia between the past and the present”, in conjunction with threats to attack Iran, accusing its regime of persecuting and persecuting Sunni Muslims, the same source added.

ISIS also presented “scenes” the military force members, which talked about the formation and named “Brigades Salman Persian” during their training on shooting, in the province of Diyala, Eastern Iraq.

In the same regard, the organization has announced that its war on Iran had begun and would depend primarily on suicide operations.

A tape showed four elements who claimed to be Iranian and members of Daesh, killing four Iraqis, and considered this a threatening message to Tehran.

Furthermore, three Iranian elements of the group, Abu al-Farouq persian, Abu Mujahid Baloch and Abu Saad Ahwaz, spoke after a review of  Persia history, called on Iranians in Tehran, Isfahan, Qom and others to “attack the huts.”



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