Anniversary of Rome Treaty: Need to give further impetus to Algeria-EU cooperation


The Director of Cooperation with the European Union (EU) and European institutions at the Foreign Ministry, Ali Mokrani, stressed, in a conference on the occasion of the Rome Treaty, organized by the embassy of Italia in Algiers in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Center of arts and culture at Rais Palace Bastion 23, on the need to further beef up cooperation between Algeria and the European Union (EU), particularly in the fields of economy and security, APS reported.

The official highlighted the need to give new prospects so as to provide greater impetus and boost partnership with Europe in various sectors, particularly economy and security, pointing out the common willingness to face challenges related to the fight against international terrorism and the economic crisis.

“The diversification of economy and the cooperation between Algeria and the EU is a major concern,” said Mokrani.

For his part, Italia’s ambassador to Algeria, Pasquale Ferrara, underscored the importance of this conference-debate entitled “European integration and the Mediterranean”  for the exchange of ideas.



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