Algerians abroad transfer $ 2 billion to their country- Study


Algerian community, established abroad, has transferred $ 2 billion to Algeria in 2015, according to a World Bank (WB) study, released on Tuesday.

This represents the equivalent of 0.9% of GDP of 2014, according to the same source.

The study of the international institution aims to measure the commitment of the nationals of the States of the Middle East – North Africa region (MENA) towards their country of origin.

In comparison, Moroccans living outside their country, have sent $ 6.4 billion (6.5% of GDP), when Tunisians transferred $ 2.3 billion.

Egyptians rank first in the region at $ 19.7 billion, according to WB data.

In terms of numbers, the Algerian Diaspora reached 905,365 people, according to figures from a UN agency quoted by WB.

In comparison, Tunisians are two fewer times numerous (453,000), while Moroccans are more than 1.5 million settled abroad, the same source said.

The Palestinians are the most numerous abroad, with more than 1.8 million people.


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