Violent fights between Afghans and Algerians at Chios Migrant Camp, many injuries


A feud between Afghan and Algerian migrants, started on Wednesday afternoon, have resulted in many injuries at the Souda camp on Chios island late on Wednesday night, said Greek reporter.
According to news website, violent fights started after midnight following the invasion of a group, consisting of about 20 Afghan nationals from the VI.AL, the Souda migrant camps, beating and throwing stones at Algerian nationals.
The area, then, turned into a battlefield for about 20 minutes, until riot police rushed to the camp, forcing the agitators to flee.
The clashes resulted in the injury of one woman and a child, who were transferred to the Skylitseio Hospital for treatment.
On the other hand, Police succeeded in chasing the perpetrators and arrested three people.

As a reaction, the UNHCR announced that from Thursday morning until the afternoon of the same day, no migrant would be transferred from the VI.AL. to the Souda camp, fearing more violence  between the Afghan and Algerian migrants.


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