Embassy of France denies any change in Schengen visas allocation


The French Embassy in Algeria denied, today on Thursday (March 23rd), any change in its Schengen visa policy, said a statement of the Embassy.

“Following the publication, in various newspapers, of several articles conveying inaccurate or fragmentary information, the Embassy of France in Algeria wishes to make it clear that its policy on the granting of short-stay Schengen visas has not been modified, and that the applications are processed in accordance with the rules of the Schengen visa code currently in vigor “, specifies the French Embassy in Algeria.

In addition, the Embassy of France recalls that “important efforts have been made to grant visas in recent years and that, in total, in 2016, the three  general consulates of Algiers, Oran and ‘Annaba have received nearly 600,000 visa files and issued nearly 410,000 visas to the Algerians.

” The statement recalls that in 2012, the number of visas issued amounted to 210,000, nearly the half compared to 2016.


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