2017’s Legislatives: Algerians, total adherence to preservation of Algeria’s stability


Raising awareness regarding the need for a massive participation in the next legislative elections is the mission of all, stressed the Minister of Interior and Local Authorities, Nourredine Bedoui, on Wednesday in Sidi Aissa (M’sila), APS reported.

The minister said that raising awareness  regarding the importance of these elections is “a fundamental duty of civil society and state institutions”, saying that “these elections are an important step given the fact that they will help to preserve the security and stability of the country at a time when other states are experiencing exceptional situations “.

Mr. Bedoui noted the degree of consciousness of the citizens, derived from their knowledge of the difficult conditions encountered by Algeria, during the black decade and the bitter experience of the country as well as their total adherence to the preservation of the stability and security of the country.

The minister added that the mission of the administration is to prepare these elections by putting together the necessary conditions for the success of the vote, recalling that the number of the voters has reached 23 million voters.


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