UNHRC: “Algeria, where are your Jews?”, Zionist Hillel Neuer “regrets”



Algeria, where are your Jews? The Executive Director of the UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, was wondering at the United Nations Human Rights Council session, focusing on Zionists’ human rights violations against the Palestinians due to the inter-governmental body’s “bias” against Zionist Entity, The time of Zionist Entity reported.

On a response to the charges of violations and imposing the apartheid system on the Palestinians,  stated by the PLO, Qatar, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab regimes,  Neuer  took the floor, wondering  about the status of the Zionists, living in the Middle East and North Africa regions (MENA), accusing the Arabs of marginalizing them and suppressing their voices.

The official questioned, “Algeria, where are your Jews?”  attempting  to cover the inhuman Zionists treatments and measures adopted against the Palestinians.

It is worth bearing in mind that “Agenda Item Seven” is a permanent fixture that requires the UNHRC to discuss three times each year any human rights violations committed by Zionists against Palestinians.



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