Permanent Coordination Committee for Children’ Protection and Promotion set up


A permanent coordinating committee for the National Body for the Protection and Promotion of Children was set up, on Tuesday in Algiers, at a ceremony, chaired by the National Child Protection Delegate, Meriem Cherfi.

The installation  of this committee is carried out in accordance with the Executive Decree, precising the terms and conditions of the functioning of the National Body for the Protection and Promotion of Children, under the Act No. 15-12 on the protection of the child.

The committee, chaired by Meriem Chefi, consists of representatives from 14 government departments, the DGSN and civil society.

This committee will study issues relating to the rights of the child.

On this occasion, the National Child Protection Delegate indicated that this committee will hold meetings at least once a month to study child protection issues.

According to the same official, the composition of the commission could be broadened and regrouped other members.

For Cherfi, the installation of this commission represents “an additional achievement” added to the previous achievements in the field of child protection and promotion.

In addition, the Commission will play an “important role” in terms of coordinating  efforts between the various parties concerned with the protection of children, she added.




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