Göttingen Attack Plot: Algerian involved to be deported home town


In an unprecedented decision, the 27-year old Algerian and 22-yeare old Nigerian, believed by police to plan an attack in the city of Göttingen,  will be repatriated to Africa despite being born in Germany, DW reported.

The two suspects, investigators say were part of the radical Islamist scene in the central German city of Göttingen, have failed in gaining a temporary legal protection from deportation.

On Tuesday, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig agreed that their deportation should proceed, despite a legal bid to win a reprieve, as they had not yet committed serious crimes, highlighting that this move has come after obtaining assurances from the Algerian government that he would not be tortured or subjected to any inhuman treatment.

In this aspect, the deportation could occur quickly, and the men would be banned from entering Germany indefinitely.

“We are sending a clear warning to all fanatics nationwide that we will not give them a centimeter of space to carry out their despicable plans,” said Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) following the ruling.


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