Bananas Import : Six out of 44 operators authorized


The technical committee responsible for examining applications of economic operators active in the field of Bananas, has granted its approval of the import license to 6 operators only (5 private and a public company) out of 44 operators, said a statement of the Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning, Town and Commerce.

The Commission excluded 14 operators for failure to carry out banana import activity during the last five years, including 10 for proposing prices that were not in conformity with the reference price ($ 650 / tonne), added the statement.

In addition, three operators have been excluded for their involvement in speculation cases and listed on the speculators’ file, the statement said.

As a reminder, on March 19th , the Technical Commission had begun to examine the requests of operators involved in the banana import sector, in accordance with the decisions of the interministerial commission, chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce and comprising representatives of the Ministries of Finance , Industry and mining, agriculture and fisheries, and trade.

The committee had set a number of criteria, including a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the practice of this activity.


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