Ouyahia: Citizens should work hand in hand with ANP


The Secretary General of the National Democratic Rally (NDA), Ahmed Ouyahia, highlighted , on Friday, that citizens should work hand in hand with the elements of People’s National Army (ANP) for the stability of Algeria, Algerie1 reported.

Speaking at a meeting with his party’s activists in Illizi, Ahmed Ouyahia, called on citizens to contribute to the protection of the stability and security of the country, as well as the preservation of its achievements .

For the RND SG, the inhabitants of the Illizi citizens “are well aware of the security challenges.
In this aspect, Ahmed Ouyahia  seized the opportunity to recall the key as well as valuable role played by the various security forces, led by the ANP, in the fight against various forms of crimes and terrorism.
He stressed that no development can be achieved without stability and that security is the main guarantor of the evolution and prosperity of societies.



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