Fighting terrorism: 6 caches, 2 cannons, 6 bombs destroyed


6 caches, 2 home-made cannons and 6 bombs, have been destroyed, on March 14th , by People’s National Army’ detachments, in  Bouira, Boumerdès, Bordj Bouareridj and Skikda,  said, on March 15th , a statement of National Defense Ministry.

As part of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, People’s National Army’ detachments have arrested,  with accordance with National Gendarmerie’ units, 6 smugglers and seized 549,85 kg of treated Hashish in Oran and Tlemcen.

Meanwhile, another detachments have arrested 4 smugglers in Bechar and seized  500kg of treated Hashish.

On the other hand, People’s National Army’ detachments  have seized, In Guezzam and Bordj Badji Mokhtar, a truck, 5 all-terrain vehicles, 12 tons of foodstuff,  3800 of fuel, 17 metal detectors and 5 electric groups while another detachment foiled attempts to smuggle, in El-Oued, 240000 units of pyrotechnics.

In this aspect, 39 illegal immigrants, from different African nationalities, have been arrested in Oran, Tlemcen, Tiaret and Bechar.




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